A Fireside Chat

This week I start off addressing some stuff from last week and just some general musings.

From there, I talk about the struggles I'm having with this quarantine and all this alone time with my thoughts and my newfound talent of spontaneous ugly crying.

We wrap up on a lighter note with a new segment titled "Would You Rather" which presents a truly no win situation.

From the bottom of my heart, thank you for listening!

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A wild show this week.  Many topics covered including my hate for raisins, my account getting hacked, my newfound alcoholism and I continue to struggle greatly with the isolation of quarantine.

Plus I explain how a tweet about seeing farts was a metaphor for my life currently.

This podcast is seriously the only outlet I have to stay sane. 

Thank you so much for listening!


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This has been a roller coaster of a week.

Today on the show, quarantine finally breaks me down and I  sort through some emotional baggage. 

Then we lighten the mood as I tell you the story of how a broken television led to a french family stealing my identity and pretty much ruining my week. 

Thanks for listening!

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This week on the show, I rant about Easter, Instagram and other assorted things.

Then I dive into the mailbag and reminisce about simpler times.

Thanks for listening!

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This week I enter week 2 of quarantine. 

This was a bit of a rough week as the isolation gets to me. But we continue to move on and podcast.

Some rants, some stories, some silliness to pass the time. 

Leave questions, comments or whatever on the facebook page for the mailbag!!

Thanks for listening!

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It's crazy out there.

This week, I begin my quarantine and yell about my cat alot. I talk about other things too but who cares...the world is ending.

Thanks for listening!

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Some follow up on last week and then I try to make sense out of this week by yelling into a microphone.

Thanks for listening!

Stay safe!

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There is very little corona talk this week.

Instead, I give you an update on last weeks show and other assorted topics before I tell the tale of the strangest experience I've ever had with a doctor. 

Thanks for listening!

Wash your hands!

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The world of Tinder and dating apps is a very strange and scary place.

Nothing is what it seems.

No one is who you think they are. 

This is my story.

Thanks for listening!

We're breaking the audio journal format this week for me to tell you the story of a very crazy leap day 2020.

It involves LSD, naked mannequin torsos, time travel and much much more.

Buckle up, it's gonna be quite a trip.

Thanks for listening!

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This episode was recorded during the week I turned 39 and moved into my own place.

I give an update on Dave from the Weiner Tripper episode, I take an edible and get emotional and I tell an embarrassing story about trying to be smooth with a Walmart cashier. 

Thanks for listening!

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As I wrap up my time at my current residence, I fight with Comcast agents, meet a man named Reese and contemplate exactly who I am.

Thanks for listening!

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After yelling about the Super Bowl halftime show and bad parents, I tell you the tale of my feud with the Weiner Tripper.

This was a very fun story to relive and share.

Thanks for listening!

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This week on the show, I sign my lease, I begin the process of moving, I feel out of touch with the Grammys, and many more stories that I probably should have just kept to myself. Thanks for listening!

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This week on the show, there's alot of ground to cover.

I lose my glasses not once but twice, I get mistaken for someone else, I find a place to live, and I update you on my status as a Lost Boy. Plus marriage, serial poopers and much, much more!

All this and excessive use of the F word!

Thanks for listening!

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This week on the show I mourn the loss of not one but two pairs of pants, I complain about being an old man totally out of touch and THE RAVENS LOSE!!! All this and much more.

Thanks for listening!

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The audio journal continues...

As my house continues to crumble under the weight of evil squirrels, I talk about pets, Star Wars, and tell you about the time I became a Lost Boy.

Thanks for listening!

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An audio journal of my life during the week of Christmas. 

Most roller coasters have less ups and downs than this episode.

Thanks for listening.

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An audio diary of a week in my life. 

Many emotions. Many rants. Many four letter words.

Thanks for listening!

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This week, I open with rants about some things and then settle into stories about lying about my name and calling the cops on myself as I battle a baby squirrel.

Thanks for listening!

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Justin Case from Case and Point joins me to talk about ghosts, UFO"s, Bigfoot and other strange phenomenon.

Then we discuss Halloween Havoc 98, our problems with the current WWE product and lots of old school 80's wrestling talk. 

We wrap up with some general television talk and hand some recommendations for shows you should be checking out.

This is the second time i'm posting this episode because I hated the first intro i recorded. 

Thanks for listening!

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Three stories this week.

What happens when you overhear something that makes little to no sense?

A man creeps myself and others out at the grocery store and of course the tale of the raccoon living in my ceiling.

Thanks for listening!

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This week I'm drinking wine and answering questions from the mailbag.

Topics include: the latest Youtube sensation involving cheese, horrible Adam Sandler movies, getting anger boners and much, much more. Plus a healthy amount of F, Marry, kills as well. 

So sit back and let the wine rage overtake you.

Thanks for listening!

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This is a collection of clips recorded over the past month.

Topics include: my hatred of my cats, new sex terms, death, therapy, and so much more.

Also some cameo appearances and lost audio from a recent bachelor party.

And best of all A TEENAGER UPDATE!
Thanks for listening!

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This week, I'm loaded with holiday spirit.

Rants about the kids on my street, Christmas songs, social media and then I get yelled at in real time for my driving.

Lots of Christmas Rage in this one.

Happy Holidays!

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I'm working through some things.

Thanks for listening!


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This one is all over the place.

With no actual ideas for topics, I just put the mic on while driving and talked.

What came out was a jumbled mess of stories, rants and other assorted nonsense.


Thanks for listening!

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The final installment of this audio journal experiment.

I leave my bachelor pad and return home to the house permanently.

Am I still a sad thirty something year old white man? Tune in to find out.

Thanks for listening!

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As our journey begins to wrap up, it's thanksgiving week.

Rants about Christmas music, the holidays, daylight savings and more.

Plus I run from an angry soccer mom and almost have a stroke trying to remember the names of 80s cartoons.

Thanks for listening!

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Our voyage is just past the halfway point. 

More rants...more sadness...more FUN!!!

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Week 3. More rants. Less anxiety. Enjoy.

Direct download: The_Journey_Part_3.mp3
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First full week of the experiment.

You begin to adapt to your environment and you begin to change the person you've become.

Thanks for listening!

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This is part one of an ongoing audio journal of me trying to beat my anxiety and negative thought patterns.

It was recorded at different points on my phone so the audio quality varies at times.

Thanks for listening!

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I've always struggled with some form of panic or anxiety. Lately it's been even worse than usual. This is my story. Thanks for listening.

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This is a bonus episode of my other podcast with co host Tiffany Moore. It's called 4am Knows All Of My Secrets and you can subscribe in all the usual places.

Thanks for listening!

We have a feature length episode for you today with all the bells and whistles! Ryan and Tiff talk post Ocean City vacation stories that are sure to keep you entertained. We tell you about our favorite OC characters, why you should always wait a few days to do psychedelic drugs and explain why much of our vacations revolve around us being crybabies. There's no denying this trip had a HUGE impact on our personal relationship, as well. So buckle up and put the kiddos to bed because this will be an episode you won't want to miss! Thanks so much for listening and please spread the word. We need your feedback and iTunes reviews to get this one up and running! Talk to you soon.

This week, we are going deep.

Real deep.

First half of the pod details my experience on vacation while coming to grips with the death of my mother in law and the effects it had on my life and mental stability.

Then I will tell a story that I've never told ANYONE. It used to hold alot of shame and sadness for me. It still does a bit. I'm putting it on here to cleanse myself and to take it's power away.

Thanks for listening!

Direct download: Shameful_Confessions_and_Post_Vacation_Depression.mp3
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They are most certainly not a sports team.

Direct download: The_Boyce_Park_Bears.mp3
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Tiffany Moore joins me this week as we answer your mailbag questions and then play F**k, marry, kill with options submitted by the listeners.

This one is all over the place.

Thanks for listening!

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I decided to record on a whim.

I had zero ideas or topics on my mind.

This is the result.

This one goes to some dark and weird places at times.

Thanks for Listening.

Direct download: A_Series_Of_Unfortunate_Sentences.mp3
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I randomly decide to record on a Monday afternoon right after work and things get weird quick.

Thanks for listening!

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On this week's show, I rant about treadmills, neighbor kids, taco bell, spoilers and much more.

This brings me to the overall conclusion that the best thing to do is just give up caring.


Thanks for listening!

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This week Tiffany Moore joins me for a very candid and emotional discussion about the recent sudden death of her mother.

This leads to a much broader discussion about dealing with death, the grieving process, religion, the afterlife and so much more.

This is a very honest and and raw conversation that I'm very proud to bring to you.

Thank you for listening.

For more from Tiffany, check out Thoughts From The Top Of A Ferris Wheel on Itunes and Stitcher.

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It's an all mailbag episode this week!

I asked for questions and you guys delivered in spades!

Some of the topics covered include: The deprived mind of men, separating Louie CK the person from his art, a rousing edition of F**k, Marry,Kill and much much more.

Thanks for Listening!

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Tiffany Moore returns to talk a wide variety of topics.

We give you an update on High Five and the impossible draft project.

Then we spend the rest of the time telling stories that you don't want to miss. Taking naps at concerts, and having a horrible LSD trip at the beach are just some of the topics we deep dive into.

Thanks for listening and look out for High 5 in Itunes very soon!

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This week Tiffany Moore joins me to talk about our new podcast HIGH FIVE!

In preparation for it, we compile a list of our top 50 most memorable characters from television shows to battle it out for a spot on our all star fantasy team. 

Six spots remain unfilled and YOU, the listener will decide who fill those vacancies. 

Will your favorite make the list? Who did we forget? Who will fill the final six spots? 

Tune in and find out!


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This week I break down yawning, unfriend some people and tell you about my house being invaded by squirrels.

Then to wrap things up, we take a deep dive into the story of the "local cult" that my friends and I tangled with.

Thanks for listening!

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Tiffany Moore and I went to see Corey Feldman and The Angels perform a sold out show.  

We break it all down for you in this mini podcast.  

We talk about the show, the setlist, the crowd, the atmosphere and of course the angels.

One of the most surreal and amazing experiences i've ever had and we'll tell you all about it.  

Thanks for listening!

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This week we celebrate Festivus with the airing of the grievances.

Listeners send in their rants about what makes them angry and then I rant about a real jerk I know.

Hope you enjoy and thanks for listening!


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One person's journey to fill in the blanks only leaves them with more questions.

Sometimes the answers you find are ones you knew all along.  

Thanks for listening.

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This is the inaugural episode for the new podcast Tiffany Moore (host of Moore Than You Can Chew) and I are putting together. Our project is going to be watching select 90's sitcom episodes we loved from our childhood and doing commentary over them for your listening pleasure! Our first episode is going to be featured on our personal podcast feeds while we think of a name for the podcast to start a separate feed on its own. And that's where YOU come in! We need your help coming up with a name for this podcast! Tweet, message, comment or carrier pigeon your show name ideas to us so we can get this new show rolling! We hope you enjoy the first episode "Rockumentary" featuring all those crazy kids from Bayside High! Whether you love the idea or hate it, we hope we can still be Friends Forever! Thanks for listening!

Direct download: rockumentary.mp3
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It's our Annual Halloween Episode!

 Justin Case from Case and Point podcast joins me to share some of his experiences with the paranormal.

We also veer off the topic of ghosts to discuss the existence of Bigfoot, UFO's, and much much more.  

Also some great conversation about toys and cartoons from the eighties and the Masters Of The Universe movie. 

A super spooky and fun episode so turn down the lights and enjoy!

Thanks for listening!



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It's a three hour smorgasborg of topics this week.

 I'm talking kidney stones,bad itunes reviews, the death of Kmart, R Kelly's sexual attraction to Angela Lansbury,pro wrestling and much much more.

Thanks for listening!

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This is a tribute to my friend who recently passed.

His name was Chuck Wood and he was unlike anyone I've ever known.  

I hope you will join me as I tell you about the amazing person he was and the many positive ways he touched my life.

He is gone from this world but he leaves behind a lasting legacy of kindness and compassion.

Thanks for listening!

Direct download: Chuck_Yeah_A_Tribute_To_Chuck_Wood.mp3
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This is a swapcast with Tiffany Moore from Moore Than You Can Chew.  We have a very interesting and random conversation about everything from Pauly Shore, beheading videos, effects of vicodin,transgender bathrooms, dealing with the reality of death and SO MUCH MORE!!

Check out Tiffany on Moore Than You Can Chew and Thoughts From The Top Of A Ferris Wheel.

Direct download: Swapcast_With_Moore_Than_You_Can_Chew.mp3
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A very special episode.

This week, I recount how I met my girlfriend Tiffany Moore and then propose to her!

Thanks for listening!

Direct download: The_Proposal.mp3
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Direct download: Brokeback_Mailbag.mp3
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This was a spur of the moment decision to record this episode.  

I had ALOT on my mind and i needed to get it out.  I flipped the mic on and this is the result. 

I also took to social media to answer listener questions. As always, tangents ensue.  

This was a ton of fun to record and thank you to everyone who participated. 

Thanks for listening!


Direct download: A_Return_To_Form.mp3
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This week I get creeped out at a rock show, my carbon monoxide detector predicts my death and much more.

Thanks for listening!

Direct download: True_Stories.mp3
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This week, we start with a rant about today's technology and the current generation of teenagers.

 From there i tell you a story about a co worker who I've begun to hate for no good reason...or maybe there is good reason.  You be the judge.

 Thanks for listening!

Hope you enjoy it!


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This episode was originally released in 2014,

It's a classic roundtable episode from our first season with Tiffany Moore, Ian Sharpley, Dom Yosi, and Joe Saxman.

We talk movies we hate, movies we love, favorite old tv shows, why kids today suck, and much much more.

And Joe Saxman explains his hate for all things Kevin Smith.

This is a really fun episode from the vaults. Hope you enjoy it and thanks for listening!


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A very special podcast this week.  This episode is all about my dad.

For Christmas this year, I decided to get him a podcast about his impact on my life.  So please pull up a chair next to the fire and let me tell you stories about how my dad,  Jim McCormick, has shaped my life.

Merry Christmas!

Direct download: Tribute_To_My_Dad.mp3
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Have you ever been trying to sleep while one of your friends is having sex in the same room and then been horrified and confused by all the bizarre and weird things he said during it?

Well, I have and this is my story.

Thanks for Listening!

Direct download: The_Fluid_Factory.mp3
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In this episode, I recount my experience at a TNA wrestling house show.  I discuss and break down the show match by match. I give my thoughts on the state of TNA and it's uncertain future. Of course, I also discuss  it's wrestling superstars like Jeff Hardy, Kurt Angle, Ethan Carter III and many more.  Check it out and thanks for listening!

Direct download: tna_final.mp3
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We are back!  This week is an extra special supersized episode because there's alot of ground to cover since i've been gone.

First I count down the top 5 stories from my recent vacation to Ocean City Maryland.  We talk shitty people, shitty parenting, shitty waiters, seagulls that attack, Idris Elba punching birds and much more.

Then I give you an update on the woman who lives down the street from me whose kids have been terrorizing me for months and break down our recent conversation.

Finally I give my side of a story recently told on the Moore Than You Can Chew Podcast and during the story Tiffany Moore does a run in to discuss women's periods and the misconceptions I had about them. 

A really fun show as always. Thanks for listening!

Direct download: How_I_Spent_My_Summer_Vacation.mp3
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This week we celebrate the life and career of Rowdy Roddy Piper. No fancy obituary or rundown of all his accomplishments.

I, as a fan, tell you my memories and share stories of my favorite moments from the Hot Rod. 

I hope to unpack some of the frustration and confusion i feel at losing one of my childhood heroes.

I hope you will share your memories and favorite Piper moments on our facebook, twitter or through email.

Thanks for listening!

Direct download: Roddy_Piper_Memories.mp3
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This week we're talking Hulk Hogan being a racist, messing with people in traffic, getting offended over nothing and much, much more.

If you like what you hear, please spread the word and leave a review in Itunes. Thanks for listening!

Direct download: Offended_By_Nothing.mp3
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This is an episode from the archives. This was recorded back in March of 2013. 

My old friend and stand up comedian, John Pridmore stops by the studio to talk about getting started in stand up, dealing with hecklers, writing jokes, bombing on stage and feuding on twitter with Roseanne.

Great conversation and a really fun podcast. So pull up a chair next to the fire and get ready for A Fireside Chat.

Direct download: John_Pridmore.mp3
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What happens when I put the mic on and just talk with no direction?   We end up talking gay marriage, my ongoing war with the kids in my neighborhood, the power of podcasts and much more. 

Thanks for listening!

Direct download: Rambings.mp3
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Tiffany Moore from Moore Than You Can Chew returns to the studio for a very personal discussion about vulnerablity, shame, and connecting with people.  She discusses her new e-course, she's doing through her podcast encouraging people to step out of their comfort zones and make more honest connections with those around them. She also discusses dealing with all the shame that can build up over a lifetime. 

We also discuss how to forgive people, making contact with her father for the first time recently, and the positives and negatives of our evergrowing technological society. 

Check out Moore Than You Can Chew wherever you find your podcasts and check out her e course on vulnerability and connection and let her know your experiences with the excercises in the course. 

Direct download: Becoming_Moore_Vulnerable.mp3
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It's a wrestling themed podcast this week.

First I discuss my memories of The American Dream Dusty Rhodes and some angles and interviews of his that stand out to me.

Then I talk all about my experience going to see WWE NXT live at a local rock club.  I break down the characters, matches and overall experience.

I hope wrestling fans and non wrestling fans will check it out and enjoy it.

Thanks for listening!

Direct download: Rembering_Dusty_Rhodes_and_My_Live_Experience_at_WWE_NXT.mp3
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We start out this week by briefly touching on the Caitlyn Jenner story and I give my thoughts on the whole situation.

Then I take you through my journey of seeing a Psychologist.  I explore the reasons for seeking therapy and how it's helped me along the way. 

Then I will discuss how I "broke up" with my therapist and the effect the lack of therapy has had on my well being.

This is a very personal and honest podcast and I really appreciate you listening.

In this episode I discuss some subtle and not so subtle differences about how a man's mind works and some things women may not notice about how men think and act.

Then i take listener questions about what how men think and what we men wish women would understand about us. 

Be sure to check out the follow up to this podcast over on Moore Than You Can Chew where the same topics are discussed in a roundtable form as well as many other topics and fascinating stories.

Thanks for listening!

Direct download: The_Ugly_Truth.mp3
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This is a repost of an old episode of A Fireside Rant.  In this show, I count down the top 5 things i don't understand about women.  It could have been a top 500 list, but I narrowed it down to 5. Thanks for listening!

Direct download: Fireside_Rant_Top_5_Things_I_Dont_Understand_About_Women.mp3
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This week I tell you about my  strategy for avoiding people I know while grocery shopping, I discuss facebook etiqutte and then unfriend some people and of course I tell you about the time I crapped my pants in public with no bathroom in sight.  A fun show as always so check it out and thanks for listening!

Dom Yosi joins me to begin our monthly trek through the world of professional wrestling. This month we discuss Royal Rumble 1995. We talk Bret Hart, Diesiel, Shawn Michaels, Lawrence Taylor, Bam Bam Bigelow, Pamela Anderson and so much more!  Subscribe in Itunes and leave us a review telling us what you think of the show. Thanks for listening!

Direct download: Wrestling_Podcast_Episode_1-__Royal_Rumble_1995.mp3
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One time a female coworker decided to have an awkward conversation with me while i was on the toilet. This is that story. I hope you enjoy it. Thanks for listening!

Direct download: My_Awkward_Bathroom_Adventure.mp3
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It's the start of Season 4!First I go over some exciting new projects in the land of A Fireside Chat. Then we talk about the joy of being a bitter old man, tupperware with the lid attached and of course Ray Lewis's new tv show. And don't forget you can now stream all of our episodes on facebook. Thanks for listening!

Direct download: Ray_Lewis_Is_A_Giant_Piece_Of_Human_Garbage.mp3
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This is a repost of an older episode. In this episode i rant about microwave cookbooks, encyclopedias, and people who freak out about useless shit.  Then I tell a story about being harrassed by a man in the wal mart parking lot because of my driving and so much more.  Our episodes are now available on facebook so you can download and stream them there as well.  Thanks for listening and please share the links and spread the word!

Direct download: Anger_Management_2.mp3
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It's time to take back some of your digital life! That's right, it's time for a social media cleansing. In this week’s episode, i go through my Facebook and donate my friends to the internet salvation army.  I rant about Facebook games, stupid statuses, internet memes, those stupid family decals on cars and much, much more.  Please join me as we do some spring cleaning on the internet. Thanks for Listening!

Direct download: The_Great_Unfriending.mp3
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On this week's show, I turn the mic on with no real direction and end up ranting about xmas lights, Kim Kardashian's bare ass, Big Bang Theory and make a case for why I should start a society of bitter 90's children like myself.  As an added bonus I end the show with the lost AFC intro, never heard until now. A really fun episode to record. Thanks for listening!

Direct download: The_Curmudgeon_Commune.mp3
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This week, i go to the park to record a podcast and end up ranting about old people diapers, creepy men at the park, and update you on the ongoing war between myself and my neighbors. Subscribe to our podcast in Itunes and leave a review. Thanks For Listening!

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In part 2 of our conversation with Paranormal Investigator Mike Holzshu we talk about his experiences investigating the Trans Allegheny Lunatic Asylum, Salem Massachusetts, Lizzy Borden House and many other scary places. We also discuss how to cleanse spirits from your house, what it takes to be a liscensed investigator and so much more.  A very spooky and informative conversation. If you enjoy our show, please subsribe in Itunes and leave a review! Thanks for listening!

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Mike Holzshu returns to the podcast to delve into the world of paranormal investigating.  First we start with a conversation about the local urban legends and haunted houses in the area and lead into a discussion of the incident discussed in and older episode The Halloween Spooktacular, where our friend seemed to become posessed.  We then talk about why he became a paranormal investigator and all the ins and outs of the job like the equipment, the process and of course some scary stories about the places he's seen and investigated.  Mike will be back next week with more stories about Trans Allegheny Lunatic Asylum, Salem Mass, and so much more.  If you like what you hear, please spread the word and leave a review in Itunes to help our exposure. Thanks for listening and Happy Halloween!

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This is the story of an ad I posted on Craigslist to interview interesting people. Alot of interesting and normal people responded. But so did this guy...

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This week, we go back into the vault for an old episode with Tiffany Moore talking about her podcast Thoughts From The Top Of A Ferris Wheel.  We discuss podcasting and the awkwardness of hearing your own voice on a podcast.  Tiffany shares her amazing story of leaving everything she knows behind, moving to Florida and how she overcame the drug addiction that almost took her life. At the end of the episode is a very special episode of Tiffany's podcast entitled My First Porno Experience.  This a great episode with a very inspirational and powerful message. Check it out and subscribe to Thoughts From The Top Of A Ferris Wheel and Moore Than You Can Chew in Itunes.

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I'm back from vacation and there is no shortage of things to rant about. We talk about the ridiculousness of the ice bucket challenge, break down the Ray Rice situation and the stupidity of Ravens fans,discuss the insanity of "wifebeaters", and I tell you a story about being harassed by a pair of eight year olds. Check it out and spread the link!

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Chris Stock joins me this week to tell his amazing story of being diagnosed with stage 4 cancer at just 14 years old.  Chris talks about what it was like to receive that news at such a young age, how it changed his life and those around him and how he eventually beat it only to have it come back again years later and how he ended up losing part of his arm.  He talks about what it has been like adjusting to life without part of his arm and how he never gave up and never wallowed in his own sadness.

This is a truly amazing story of facing your fears and overcoming life's toughest challenges.  I hope you enjoy this interview as much I did.

Thanks for listening!

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This is an old episode from our first season. For a while on Wednesdays, i was doing a seperate  top 5 list podcast where i would count down and rant about what was on my mind. This episode is the top 5 things that were pissing me off that week. Hope you enjoy this trip back through time. Thanks for listening!

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It's part 2 of my conversation with Stephanie Kong aka Stephthelyrcist. This week we discuss more of Stephanie's amazing struggles growing up and trying to fit in. Steph talks about some of the worst and best gigs she's ever played, trying out for American Idol, and how she believes she's had encounters with possible real life angels.  We then discuss her influences and how she manages to stay so grateful and grounded with all the struggles that have been put in front of her.  Steph will be back on in a few weeks to tell us about how Nashville went and play a few more songs for us. Find more of her stuff on Bandcamp and Itunes and be sure to check back next week for a brand new episode. Thanks for listening!

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This is part one of my nearly 4 hour conversation with Stephanie Kong aka Stephthelyricist. Stephanie met with me to talk just weeks before going to Nashville to perform for the heads of major record labels in hopes of landing a recording contract. Stephanie is 18 years old and a very talented and accomplished singer/songwriter.  She talks about her struggles growing up without any friends, what it was like to not have her parents support her at all and how she dealt with being bullied in school. She tells a heartbreaking story about finding someone she thought was a friend only to be let down in the end and how that affected her.  She opens up about her suicidal thoughts and her strained relationship with her siblings, including involving law enforcement.

This is an amazing underdog story and Stephanie's compassion and ability to forgive those that have wronged her is a true inspiration to us all. Please check her out on bandcamp, facebook, and Itunes.  Part 2 goes up next week with more of her life story and she even performs some live acoustic songs for us. Thanks for listening!

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In Part 2 of my conversation with Faye we discuss what it was like having one her parents practice mormonism and if she still practices it today. She debunks some common myths about the religion, then we discuss how she diagnosed herself with bipolar disorder, going to therapy and how being bipolar affects her writing. We wrap up with some talk about her influences and how she writes and we nerd out with some movie, music and pop culture talk. A very fun conversation and please check out Faye's amazing work and support her art. Thanks for listening!

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This week I"m joined by Faye Haymond who writes under the name of Donaya Haymond. She is a talented writer who at the age of 23 has already published 5 novels.  In part 1 of our conversation Faye tells us how she came up with the ideas for her books and how her characters are very different than those in other series. She also discusses what it was like being diagnosed with bipolar disorder and how her parents dealt with it.  She opens up about what it was like realizing she was gay and how she dealt with coming out to her parents. A really honest, candid conversation that I hope you will check out.  If you like what we do over here, please spread the word and let people know. Check out Faye on Facebook, Twitter and purchase her books on Amazon and your local book store.

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This is a repost of an episode from our first season, and it's one of the most important ones we've ever done. An anonymous friend joins me to talk about the struggles she encountered the night her boyfriend tried to kill himself, and the aftermath. She re-lives this evening in great detail and goes on to speak about how his life was spared and the emotional distress it caused her. This is also a beautiful and inspirational story of love and deep compassion. Don't miss this episode. If you know someone going through a tough time, making remarks, making threats to kill themselves, it's time to speak up. You can be the difference in someone's life. And here is the proof of that. Thank you for listening.

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It's part 2 of my conversation with Nick Romeo. Nick talks about the first band he started as a kid his love for animals and what he would like to see changed in our society. We then close out the conversation by talking about comic books star wars star trek and much much more. As I write this we are back in the Itunes store but please keep checking our social media pages and stitcher for new episodes. Please help spread the word about our podcast and hit us up if you'd like to be a guest. Thanks for listening!

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Nick Romeo is an author, poet, musician, photographer, and so much more. He tells me what inspires him to create his art, how he balances being involved in 3 different bands, how he makes meaningful art out of everyday inanimate objects the perils of mastering an album, and much much more!
Check back next week for part 2 where we discuss performing live, changing the world, Nick's love for a particular barnyard animal, Star Wars, comic books and so much more!

A really fun interview to conduct and please check out the links to Nick's work below.

If you like what you hear, please leave us a review in the Itunes store and tell a friend about us.




Nick Romeo's Stoband Page




Nick Romeo's Youtube




The Simulation Hypothesis


The Odd Endeavor


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It's part one of a great two parter.  Ian Sharpley and Paul McGinty from McSoss join us to talk all things comics and pop culture.  In part 1, we discuss their origin story.  How they met, how they got into comics and the influence it's had on their lives.  We talk about what it takes to put their web comic together and the interesting dynamic they have on their podcast. Next week on Part 2, we discuss whether the boom of comic book movies is watering down the marketplace, their thoughts on what comics translated to the big screen and which ones failed and why. We also discuss some recent casting news and so much more.

Thanks for listening.


A Fireside Chat Twitter

Ian Sharpley'sTwitter

Paul McGinty's Twitter

McSoss’ Facebook Fanpage

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McSoss Part 2

In part two of our conversation with Ian Sharpley and Paul McGinty from Mcsoss we discuss what the huge boom of comic book culture might mean and where they think comics will be in a few years. We also touch on Billy Bob Thornton and his failed music career, the best and worst of comic movies, why certain shows on the CW smell a little funky, and so much more! 


Be sure to check out McSoss and subscribe to the Mcsoss podcast on itunes and Stitcher radio.



Thanks for listening, and please subscribe and rate and review in itunes! 



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Season 3 Premiere Spectacular!!!

It's the Season 3 Premiere!  This week I tell you why a bad case of writers block made me step away for a few weeks.  Some fun work stories about my inability to eat my lunch without a fiasco, and we debut a new segment where i break down a wrestlers theme music and this week we start with The American Males tag team.






We will be on Stitcher Radio soon, and please leave a review in the itunes store and share our link on social media to spread the word.


Thanks for listening! 

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This was the fourth episode I ever recorded.  Lots of great stories and a fun trip back in time to 6 months ago.  I feel like i was such a young podcaster at that point.  Please enjoy and continue to spread the word!




 On this episode, i explain to you why there was no show last week, tell you some stories about working in retail hell, tell you why i think babies are disrespectful assholes and make your brain explode with a bad date story. Pull up a chair next to the fire and join a Fireside Chat!











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Movies Roundtable Part 2 : Least Favorite Movies of all Time

It's Part Two of our Movies Roundtable.  This week i'm joined again by Tiffany Moore (@tiffanymthinks), Ian Sharpley (@soss), Dominic Yosi (@serebrius), Desiree Gonzales and Joe Saxman.  We count down our top 5 least favorite movies of all time.  Lots of suprises and great conversation ensue.

Sorry for the audio problems on Part 1, once you get past the intro, the rest is fine.

Thanks for all the retweets, and shares on social media.  Your help and support is how we grow! Thanks for listening!







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